Silverlight Integration Pack for Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 공식발표 +

DI 컨테이너로, Microsoft가 제공하는 Unity 2.1 for Silverlight이 공식발표 되었습니다.




Silverlight Integration Pack for Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 공식발표 :


 Unity 2.1 for Silverlight 다운로드 경로 :


아직 공식 업데이트는 되지 않았으나, Unity 관련 정보는 Unity Application Block - MSDN공식 사이트에서 보실 수 있습니다.




원문 참조 :

Today we are releasing the Silverlight Integration Pack for the popular Microsoft Enterprise Library application blocks. This release provides guidance and reusable components designed to encapsulate recommended practices which facilitate consistency, ease of use, integration, and extensibility. It also addresses the needs of those who would like to port their existing LOB applications, that already leverage Enterprise Library, to Silverlight .

What’s New

As depicted in the tube map below, the release includes:

  • Caching Application Block with support for:
    • In-memory cache
    • Isolated storage cache
    • Expiration and scavenging policies
    • Notification of cache purging
  • Validation Application Block with support for:
    • Multi-level complex validation
    • Attribute-based specification of validation rules
    • Configuration-based specification of validation rules
    • Simple cross-field validation
    • Self-validation
    • Cross-tier validation (through WCF RIA Services integration)
    • Multiple rule-sets
    • Meta data type for updating entities with external classes in Silverlight
    • Rich set of built-in validators
  • Logging Application Block, including:
    • Notification trace listener
    • Isolated storage trace listener
    • Remote service trace listener with support of batch logging
    • Implementation of a WCF Remote logging service that integrates with the desktop version of the Logging Application Block
    • Logging filters
    • Tracing
    • Logging settings runtime change API
  • Exception Handling Application Block, including:
    • Simple configurable, policy-based mechanism for dealing with exceptions consistently
    • Wrap handler
    • Replace handler
    • Logging handler
  • Unity Application Block – a dependency injection container
  • Dependency injection container independence (Unity ships with the Enterprise Library, but can be replaced with a different container)
  • Unity Interception mechanism, with support for:
    • Virtual method interception
    • Interface interception
  • Policy Injection Application Block, including:
    • Validation handler
    • Exception Handling handler
    • Logging handler
  • Flexible configuration options, including:
    • XAML-based configuration support
    • Asynchronous configuration loading
    • Interactive configuration console supporting profiles (desktop vs. Silverlight)
    • Translation tool for XAML config (needed to convert conventional XML configuration files):
      • Standalone command-line tool
      • Config console wizard
      • MS Build task
    • Programmatic configuration support via a fluent interface
  • StockTrader V2 Reference Implementation (RI) (via a separate download; final version to be released in the coming days)

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