SQL2012에 대한 좋은 평가가 나오나 나오고 있군요.


"Game Changer!"


어서 4월에 예정된 SQL2012 론칭 행사도 기대됩니다.



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자료 다운로드 : IDC_White_Paper_Microsoft_SQL_Server_2012_Potential_Game_Changer_January2012.pdf



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IDC WHITE PAPER - Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Potential Game Changer

I think I can say that we all agree that SQL Server 2012 brings with revolution in our database world, since the number of new feature and new possibilities, IMHO, is comparable to what SQL Server 2005 brought several years ago.

Interesting enough, even the well-known IDC firm thinks that SQL Server 2012 can be a game changer. From a technical point of view the highlighted technologies are:

  • AlwaysOn
  • ColumnStore Index
  • Windows Server Core Support
  • Power View
  • BI Sematic Model
  • Data Quality Services
  • Hadoop Support
  • Integrazione Cloud & On-Premise
  • Supporto for PHP, Java and Linux

The full document (less than 10 pages) is very interesting – definitely worth reading – and can be extremely helpful to bring the awareness of what SQL Server 2012 can offer and how it can help business, also to non technical people:

IDC WHITE PAPER - Microsoft SQL Server 2012- Potential Game Changer


부족하지만, SQLER의 누군가와 함께한 나눔을 통해 제가 더 많이 즐거웠습니다.
SQLER와 함께 즐거워 할수록, 그 나눔을 통해 더 많은 기회와 가치를 발견하게 되었습니다.
나눔의 생각이 앞으로도 계속, SQLER를 움직일 것입니다.

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