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[MIX09] Silverlight3의 새로운 기능 - (1) 미디어
[MIX09] Silverlight에 대해서 공식 발표된 흥미로운 수치 정보들...
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[MIX09] 올해의 MIX09 - 공식발표된 자료 + 링크 정리
[MIX09] 올해의 공식 발표 내용들 정리 - 2. Expression Blend 3 Preview
[MIX09] 올해의 공식 발표 내용들 정리 - 1
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2일차 키노트의 주인공들 입니다. 역시, 본 키노트의 주요 이슈는 Internet Explorer 8 겠지요. ^_^
이어서, Deborah Adler 의 발표 내용 역시 기대해 봅니다.

그럼 잠시 후 이어질 블로깅에서 또 뵙겠습니다.

Dean Hachamovitch

Dean Hachamovitch

Dean Hachamovitch is responsible for the design, development, and release of Internet Explorer. His passion is delivering trustworthy software that customers love. He joined Microsoft in 1990, helping lead the development and release of several versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Deborah Adler

Deborah Adler

Motivated by a desire to make people’s lives easier and safer, Deborah Adler designed a comprehensive system for packaging prescription medicine as her master’s thesis. The result—a completely reinvented prescription bottle and label. She brought this innovation to Target, and together they developed the ClearRx system. Adler continues to deliver new directions in products, packaging, labeling, identity and information systems through her multi-disciplinary design studio Deborah Adler LLC. There she pioneers design solutions for clients such as Target, Johnson and Johnson, and Medline in addition to exploring and developing her own projects. Always at the heart of her work is the belief that design can change people’s behavior. Prior to forming her firm in 2007, Adler was a senior designer for Milton Glaser for five years where she provided guidance to clients seeking new avenues in visual communications, signage programs and brand identity. Many prominent media outlets including New York Magazine, Glamour Magazine, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Sunday Morning have featured Adler. Her work is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and has been shown at the Cooper Hewitt as part of the National Design Triennial and as a solo exhibition From Master’s Thesis to Medicine Cabinet. Adler received her Master of Fine Arts in Design from The School of Visual Arts in 2002.

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